How To Apply ?

Visit our online application system and start your application.

Even though we have to collect all that paperwork, we make it extremely easy for you to join the team. You can register at any time and place that's convenient for you. Most of the forms and documents are available in our online application system with digital signature capability. You can email or fax the remaining required documents we need from you. (ex: License, Certs, ID, Health statements). You need a valid email address to start our online application process.

Please click below to start a new application.

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Username is your complete email address you used to start your application. If you do not remember password, click on �forgot password� to have a temporary password sent to your email. If you do not receive temp password in 1 minute, please check spam folder.

What Happens After I Apply ?

Our experienced recruiter will contact you as soon as we receive your application. He/she will guide you in the whole application process and will assign skills checklists, Tests and some documents for you to complete.

Please keep in mind that you have to complete the tasks or send us documents listed below as we may need them at certain point of time in the process.

  • Your valid Professional License signed
  • BSN if acquired
  • BLS/ACLS/PALS (AHA copy of front and back w/ signature)
  • Physical Exam within 1 year � MUST state on it that you are in good health and able to work � form attached if needed
  • Influenza vaccination for current season (paperwork including lot# and where it was administered)
  • Fit Test within 1 year (required Kimberly N95)
  • PPD � 2 step required within 1 year (TB Gold also accepted within 1 year)
  • IF PPD positive � must provide proof of positive PPD, chest xray within 5 years and TB questionnaire required � form attached
  • Titers showing immunity� measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella & Hep B (REQUIRED: all lab work including levels for each titer. Hand written results are not accepted. If needed, Hep B declination form is on
  • TDAP vaccine within 10 years � if you have it
  • Drug Screen through Nurses 24/7 only- I will set you up when you accept a position
  • Drivers license AND SS card OR Passport to complete I9
  • All Competency Tests and Skills Checklist assigned to you on online application
  • All Employee Forms completed and signed on online application
  • Individual Malpractice Insurance required. Please go to if you need to sign up quickly online and send certificate. Reimbursement available
  • Copy of a voided check if you will use direct deposit � must also complete payroll options form under �Employee Forms�.

After your application process, our Liaison and staffing coordinator with work with you to get you the shift you want at the facility you wish to work.

How about Health Insurance?

Nurses 24/7 is offering Health, Dental and Vision coverage for our active employees.

Employees with 30 hours or more per week are eligible for Nurses 24/7 Sponsored Coverage after 90 days. The Healthcare Reform Law (PPACA) includes an individual mandate requiring every eligible employee to have health insurance or Pay A Penalty. It is required that all full time employees who work 30 hours or more per week on average will be required to either Accept or Decline the Health Insurance provided by Nurses 24/7.

Please visit our Health benefits page to see details

I started working with nurses 247, how do I let you know my schedules ?

We will always be in touch with you. If you prefer phone, we call you for your schedules..

If you prefer texting, we do that too. If you prefer updating your schedule yourself, we have a system for that as well.

Please click on the below button to access your schedule

Get & Update My Schedules

When you click on the 'Get & Update My Schedules' button above, you will be directed to your 'Temp Access' login page. Using this link ,you can check and update your schedules at the Facilities you are working at. You can use your username and password we provided. If you havent received your username and paswword yet, or forgot your password, Call Us at:-1(866) 6877 7376.

Sending Timecards

Please fax your signed timecard after your shift to us so that we can process your payment as fast as possible.

Please fax your time card to 800-292-4086 or 973-718-4350.

Call our payroll department at 866-241-3396 if you have any questions regarding your pay.

How do I get paid and when do I get paid?

You can get paid Daily or Weekly. Its your choice.


  • We can do Direct deposit to your bank account weekly or daily.
  • You can use Nurses 24/7 Cash Card which we credit daily or weekly with the amount you've just earned (minus taxes and withholdings). There's never a need to stop by the office to pick up a check or wait for a direct deposit to clear.
  • Weekly Live Check.

Can I access my payroll info Online?

Yes absolutely !. Please click on the below button to access your payroll information

Get my Payroll

Any work place incidents, we are there for you !!

It is the policy of Nurses24/7 that all incidents be reported immediately to the facility supervisor and Nurses 24/7. You may do so by calling Nurses 24/7, 24 hours a day/7days a week @ 1 (866) 687-7376. You may also fill out an incident report by clicking below


How to report any work related issues

Workers Compensation Letter

If Nurses 24/7 Employee Is Injured

Submit Incident Report

Incidents that need to be reported to the agency include:

  • All Injuries: needle sticks, falls, ingestion of chemicals, chemical spills, physical altercations and anything resulting (but no limited to) the need for medical attention.
  • Incidents: Professional conflicts, verbal altercations with physicians, coworkers, patients, visitors, or supervisors. You should always follow the hospital procedures to resolve conflict utilizing there chain of command. Regardless of the out come any incident should still be reported to Nurses 24/7.
  • Conflicts or concerns while on the job. If you have a conflict in which you can not perform the duties asked of you or your assignment exceeds your area of expertise you should:

    • Calmly inform the Charge RN or supervisor why you feel the assignment is inappropriate and respectfully request to be reassigned. If they insist on taking the assignment that is uncomfortable to you then you should call the agency.
    • Call the agency at 1-866- 687-7376, 24 hours a day 7 days a week and speak to someone regarding your concerns. Please remember to always be professional and have these conversations in private (not on your cell phone in the middle of the nurse�s station or patient care area). The agency will either connect you directly with the Nursing Director or will take a message and the Nursing Director will get back to you at the facility shortly.
    • ********NEVER walk off an assignment, (especially if you have already taken report) it is considered abandonment and can effect your employment and your Nursing License. ***********
    • ********NEVER refuse an assignment******* you may express respectfully that you would like to be reassigned. As agency Nurses we are there to assist the hospital with there staffing needs to the best of our capabilities. When ever possible you should accommodate the hospitals requests.
    • Please remember that the hospital s have the right to float you to ant area within your expertise. If you do not wish to float, please be sure the agency is aware of this BEFORE taking an assignment. Please be aware that an unwillingness to float may hinder our ability to place you.

  • Leaving Work early or late- for whatever reason should be reported to Nurses 24/7.