Company Profile


Nurses 24/7 is among the nation�s most prestigious nurse staffing companies. With a team of qualified and dedicated professionals and serving hundreds of healthcare facilities /hospitals throughout the country, Nurses 24/7 provides per diem, contract, travel and permanent staffing solutions nationwide. The Company�s flexibility and cost-effective staffing options offer our client facilities creative ways to meet their critical staffing needs while permitting Nurses 24/7 to offer their team members the most competitive compensation and benefits packages available today.

The Nurses 24/7 management team has nearly 3 decades of staffing experience. They are focused yet innovative; aggressive but flexible and always eager to create a staff relief program that directly gives back to the communities we serve.

What Nurses 247 Do

What We Do

Nurses 24/7 specializes in temporary, contract and permanent placement of Nurses primarily in acute care facilities. The constant challenge faced by hospital nursing supervisors to provide adequate patient care creates the business of Nurses 24/7. Occasionally, Nurses 24/7 will provide services to other inpatient facilities such as rehab centers, sub-acute and long term care facilities.

Why Work Agency?

About 20% of the total nursing population works for temporary staffing agencies because agency nurses often earn substantially more than hospital staff nurses. Moreover, agency nurses are free to make their own schedules. Forget working weekends and holiday. Imagine "no call" or mandatory overtime. With Nurses 24/7, nurses are not required to work a minimum number of hours. They can work as much or as little as they like while they earn an excellent salary AND rediscover the quality of life they deserve.

Why Work on Staff?

80% of the total nursing population works for local hospitals for a reason. If you are focused on developing your career and want a more personal experience where you get to know your co-workers and patients than a permanent job is for you. You will be eligible for benefits and will not have to worry about getting canceled for a shift since you know your schedule well in advance. Take priority over agency nurses by calling our Career Services group to see what we can do for you today!