Per Diem

Per Diem Assignments

What you want, when you want it.

Want flexibility? Ever wish you could fit your job into your busy life? Per diem work may provide the perfect solution. Offering all the pay and benefits of full-time work and the added flexibility of choice, per diem work will help you build your resume while you're working the shifts and hours you want. Our staffing coordinators work 24/7 to find exactly the shifts you want. We can call you when the perfect shift comes open, or you can call us when you're ready to go to work.

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Short/Long Term Local Contracts

Short or Long Term Local Contracts

Stability, the best pay and benefits.

Why not choose your own hours and make your own schedule, while familiarizing yourself with a facility? Many of our RNs enjoy the security of a 4-13-week assignment with set hours and pay. You get a chance to make friends and check out a hospital and the area. If you love the assignment, most contracts are renewable.

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